1250 words essay 10 hrs

Browse the 1897 Sears catalog. Choose three different objects that relate to movements, themes, or trends we have discussed in the course (in lectures or the textbook) from weeks one through five. Use the suggested resources listed on the syllabus and other books to conduct research into the relevant movements, styles, or trends. Make informed connections between the object in Sears catalogue and your research. For each object, explain how it is representative of the time period. In other words, what does the object (its materials, construction, appearance, or textual description in Sears) tell us about the state of the U.S. in the late nineteenth century? Choose a range of objects and be sure to explain your analysis. 


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1250 words essay 10 hrs
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At the top of your paper, include your name, the name of the class, the instructor’s name, and the date of submission.
On the next line, include a creative title centered on the page.
Include brief introductory and closing paragraphs. 
Format your paper with one-inch margins on all sides, 12-point Times New Roman type, double spacing with no extra lines between paragraphs, and numbered pages.
Your paper should be 4-5 pages of text. 
Include images of the Sears objects you discuss and any other relevant images at the end of the paper. Supplemental images must be from museum databases or books. Include figure captions with a figure number, maker’s name, title, date, medium, source (book or museum name), page number or URL.
Use MLA in-text citations and a works cited page at the end of your paper. Cite heavily.*
You must cite at least two book sources, one of which may be your textbook.
Online sources are not required, but if you use any, they must be museum websites or educational websites (.edu). 
Your paper will be graded for grammar and structure.

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