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reply to students response to question in 150 words min . Be sure to answer in detail and refer to specific concepts and provide 1 reference
Think of a problem or opportunity that would require data to analyze in your own company. As director of your organization’s research and analytics department, where would you be gathering the data and what would you be looking for in terms of patterns, predictive analytics, etc.?
student response
 Like many other organizations, our organization face manpower issues. Maintaining, retaining and hiring personnel to have a suitable workforce structure and position answering to demand signals in sustaining a combat ready force. As a director of analytics department, I would begin gathering data from units such as manpower managers, budget submitting offices (BSO) and system commands (SYSCOM) that specifies activity/mission workload, mission priorities and plan for force shaping. I would also utilize qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection such as focus groups, interviews, surveys, case studies and meta-analysis.
     In 2014, I was part of a focus group conducted to analyze why retaining females in leadership positions is such a difficult task and what are some steps that the Navy can take to retain them. Couple of new policies came out of it such as maternity leave extension to 82 days vice 42, 24 hours child care services in locations where the mission requires swing shifts and Career Intermission program allowing Sailors to leave the Navy for 3 years then return to duty seamlessly and without affecting promotion.

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2-1 mar
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