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Today nurses effectively collaborate with other health care professionals from other disciplines in order to provide proper care and improve patient outcomes. Interprofessional collaboration is important in healthcare because it improves patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, improves discipline and leads to fewer errors (Goldsberry, 2018). Improved communication among disciplines contributes to decreased workloads for all health professionals by increasing knowledge and reducing duplication effort.
Interprofessional collaboration not only benefits nurses and patients but also help hospitals to save money by shoring up workflow severances and operational inadequacies. Communication and teamwork are important in health care because it necessary in providing quality health care (Morley & Cashell, 2017). When all clinical and non-clinical staff collaborate effectively, health care team will be able to improve patient outcomes, prevent medical errors, and improve which as a result increases patient satisfaction. Due to increased pressure and need to redesign health profession as well, intergrate an interprofessional and systems approach into training. This involves creating training synergies across healthcare professions that equip learners with collaborative skills required in the modern complex health care environment.
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Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) can be defined as coming together of multiple healthcare workers from different educational and professional backgrounds to work together with the patient, their families, caregivers and communities in order to deliver high quality care.(Vega & Bernard, 2016) IPC is based on the concept that when there is consideration from the different healthcare providers then better healthcare will be delivered to the patient.(Vega & Bernard, 2016). The healthcare industry now has the aim of improving the experience and satisfaction of the patient, improve the health of the citizens and reducing medical costs, these aims cannot be achieved without IPC. Healthcare workers should shift focus towards the way of collaboration, sharing and partnerships instead of operating in isolation because that will improve the safety and quality of care rendered and reduce cost, in working together the different healthcare professionals should respect each other. (Vega & Bernard, 2016)
The trend that will need more interprofessional collaboration that I want to talk about is the multidisciplinary rounds. Multidisciplinary rounds present a simple way to improve communication between departments and professions (Nock, 2016). During these rounds all healthcare professionals involved in the care of the patient hold discussions and also share pertinent information about the patients case, the progress, the prognosis,and the next plan of care, any errors and concerns are also disscussed, making sure that everybody is on the same page with the care of the patient but I noticed that in my former place of work, nurses are usually swarmed up with work and they usually do not attend these rounds, so I think, timing in some facilities will need to be looked into and nurses encouraged or reminded of how important the rounds are so that can start attending, because they stay with the patients most of the time and so can offer the greatest information regarding the patient which will help in the management of the patient
There are many benefits to IPC, it can improve safety and healthcare delivery, and also reduce costs. It puts the patient at the center of the healthcare team’s focus and allows all health professionals, with the patient, to collaboratively provide input, be part of the decision making, and improve outcomes. (Vega & Bernard, 2016)
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