2 page market analysis paper W/ APA References

You will begin by researching the changes in households over the last 50 years. Consider things like: Are there more single parent families? How about blended families? Consider things like this and determine products and services that “fit” today’s households. Please use proper research and support for your information. Your paper should include a proper cover page and references. It should be written in proper APA format.
Based on those changes, you need to write a paper that addresses those changes. The paper should address the following questions/issues:

How have households changed over the past 50 years?
Are consumer behavior models and approaches relevant?
Give examples of products and services that “fit” today’s households and of those that fail to meet the realities of household living.
Do you see opportunities for marketers based on the changes in households’ consumer purchasing habits?

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2 page market analysis paper W/ APA References
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Write a 1-2 page paper that addresses this topic. Please do some proper research to support your analysis. The paper should be formatted in APAformat. Please review the APA tip sheet (link to APA tip sheet) for more information on proper formatting.

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