2 Separate Questions 350 words each

Question 1 page 1 – 350 words 
The Module 2 Commentary notes the short and long term risks of terrorist attacks resulting from globalization – defined as the economic and social interdependence between countries.  This facilitates exchanges between countries such as trade and ideas.  The promotion of exchanges between countries may also be exploited by those who would do harm to our country.
In a sense, then, our leaders today have become risk managers.  Risk management involves identifying risk and determining acceptable risk and non-acceptable risk levels. This should be a self-evident concept, right?  For example, it has been stated that “on average, cigarettes kill as many people as would die if three passenger-laden jumbo jets crashed every day, month after month, year after year.”  Knowing the risk, why do people continue to smoke?  How do we explain this in terms of risk management?

Question 2 separate page 
 We have agreed that the concept of globalization has provided both benefits and risks to the world of nations.  Module 2 identifies a number of “transnational risks.”  It goes on to assert that one of the factors contributing to these risks is the “widespread use of information technology communication (e.g., Internet, cell phones, social media) to mobilize individuals and groups, acquire resources, and in some cases garner external attention and support.”  Can social media constitute a risk to our national security?  Explain your position. 

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2 Separate Questions 350 words each
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