300 W7 Assignment


It’s time for some Field Research! Using your research topic area, create a short research proposal for an ethnographic study that answers questions only answerable through qualitative research. 

Present your field research proposal in the Structure of The Steps of Successful Field Research (addressing Steps 1-7: Preparing for a field research study to Leaving the field attached below).

What I hope that you will notice is that social science field research is very similar to law enforcement undercover work or military intelligence work (entering the field, presenting yourself, building rapport and trust, finding an informant, forming good questions, taking good notes, and extricating yourself from the setting at the right time). 
Be sure to justify each decision position.  There are many ways of doing things, so be purposeful in your decisions.
Your paper must presented in proper APA 7eformat.
• Correctly formatted page numbers
• Double spaced
• Your paper must presented in proper APA 7e format.
• Include a works cited page and use internal citation with page numbers
• Failure to use the format perfectly could result in a loss of a letter grade (see point distribution below). 
• Include a References page and use internal citations (include page numbers if there are direct quotes)

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