300 words independent research on a subject agreed upon by student and professor

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300 words independent research on a subject agreed upon by student and professor
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COURSE OBJECTIVES · Introduce students to the concepts, goals and objectives of the U.S. government and its political subdivisions. · Ensure that students understand how the U.S. and California Constitutions provide a framework for the functions of the political system. · Identify conventional and unconventional input by individuals and groups into the government decision making process · Analyze ways African Americans and others use politics and political institutions for social, political, economic and other material benefits. · Situate the African American community in its historical and social context, and demonstrate how the past has shaped contemporary conditions.

STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES : Identify and explain functions of the major political institutions in the United States.  Explain the nature, benefits and shortcomings of how democracy is practiced in the United States.  Understand formal and informal institutions and processes of California government.  Demonstrate an understanding of the impact U.S. political institutions have had on AfricanAmericans throughout the history.  Analyze ways African Americans and other minority groups use politics to improve their social, political and economic status.  Demonstrate skills in critical thinking and reading comprehension.

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