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The challenge is that you have been asked to include lay, single, married, and religious people as well as those who have specific functions or roles in the hierarchy of the Church. You are to research at least six different ministries in which the mission of the Church is being carried out in your diocese or archdiocese. – Provide the diocesan or archdiocesan mission statement, or an explanation of its stated purpose. 

– Research six different ministries to include in your brochure, identifying the demographic each ministry serves and its leaders. Use the following link: https://www.sbdiocese.org/ministries/

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– Include a note about the particular teaching of the Church that each ministry responds to. Such descriptions may be found on the organization’s website. These may be rooted in Scripture or Church documents. 

– Include symbols or pictures that represent the work of the ministry. Be sure to clarify various representatives from the lay, single, married, and religious communities. 

– Your brochure should be eight pages, one page for each ministry, plus front and back cover pages. The information and the layout is the most important.

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