6 p.g chapter 6 book

Within three weeks following your class presentation, each person is to prepare a six-page report that includes the following parts. Each part should address the individual person’s contribution to the presentation whether the presentation was a group activity.
o   Purpose–Briefly explain what you hoped to accomplish in your presentation (20 points).
o   Preparation–Explain what you did to prepare for your part of the seminar, including the resources you drew upon, and alternative ideas you had for the presentation (15 points).
o   Integration–Explain how your preparation for the class integrated course readings and materials with other resources, your interests and prior knowledge and expertise (20 points).
o   Evaluation–Briefly describe how effective the presentation was overall in achieving its intended purposes. Comment on the effectiveness of your individual contribution to the effectiveness of the group presentation. Effectiveness includes (a) accuracy of concepts and information presented, (b) clarity and organization of handouts and presentation, (c) successful integration of course concepts and readings with the ideas and information you presented, (d) impact on members of the class in terms of their learning, understanding, and appreciation of the key concepts and ideas presented (20 points).
o   Reflection–Write a two-page paper that summarizes something important you learned from preparing for, presenting, and thinking about your class presentation. Clearly identify the issue, idea, criticism, new awareness, or insight that arose from your involvement in the seminar. Then explain why what you learned is important for you and others (25 points).
o   Important Note– The six page summary of your purpose, preparation, evaluation, and the reflection of your seminar presentation scholarly activity are used by the instructor to assign individual grades for the activity. The instructor will assign points to each portion of the your summary report as indicated above. One copy of any handouts you used during the presentation of your seminar must be appended to your summary report.  (Note: This two pager is included in the required six pages.)

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