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You are to create a logic model for the problem you identified in the Park you chose. Logic models are the basis of the evaluation process. Logic models can be used for program planning, program management, communication, consensus-building, and fundraising. After you have identified the problem, identify the goal of your study – what do you hope to accomplish? You will next identify your rationales, assumptions, resources and the activities to address the issue. Next, identify your outputs and the outcome your program intends to achieve. Finally, identify the data you need to collect? For this assessment, you will use the Logic Model Workbook located at http://www.innonet.org/client_docs/File/logic_model_workbook.pdf . You should then include the information required for the logic model in the template format in the workbook. It is important that you think through the assessment when filling out the model. These categories will help you when you do the final poster assignment. Please post the logic model as an attachment to the forum for your initial post. It should be created in Word, Power Point or any format that will create the chart that is at the beginning of the workbook in the link. You can also create it there and link it.  The idea is to create a logic model that will help you explain the process when you are trying to “sell” your plan to proceed at the beginning of the process. The final poster assignment will be showing someone at the end of the process how it went and will be slightly different but you can draw from this. 

3 citations
500 word minimum
lesson attached

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