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You have been asked to teach a course on Lifespan Development for MA students in a counselor education department.  The course should be oriented to counselors-in-training, and thus the content and delivery method should be analyzed and discussed in detail. What content is important to provide to master’s counseling students, and why? How would you best deliver this material—in concrete terms, with examples and specific activities? (Avoid broad generalizations and high-level explanations; think more in terms of a blueprint than an inspirational presentation).
The course will be a hybrid course that includes both face-to-face classroom instruction and online synchronous and asynchronous activities.    How would your personal philosophy of teaching be reflected in the pedagogical approach to teaching Lifespan Development?  How might you develop a course that would provide sufficient learning opportunities and activities to students with a variety of learning styles and cultural backgrounds?

Please provide developmental theory as it applies to counselors in training. You need to demonstrate your understanding and mastery of andragogical theory (teaching as it applies to adults) in a concrete, detailed, specific way; and you need to incorporate lifespan developmental theory and concepts within the content of the course material, showing how they support the development of counselors in training.

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8 pages in Counseling
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