A conflict situation

A conflict situation I had been in was with one of my closet co worker or at least I thought we were close. My co worker and I was always talking behind the store manger back when he wasn’t looking, but then a new assistant manager position came up and my store manger was looking at me to possibly fill the position. My co worker really didn’t like the fact that my store manger was looking at me so my co worker told my manger that I was making fun of him for a long time and he even that cameras to prove it.
My manger didn’t give me the position he gave it to my co worker, we didn’t talk to each or not even look at each other for months. That’s what causes a convert conflict. With him and me not talking it made him realize that he was wrong about what he has done about the situation. A few months goes bye and finally my co worker said he was sorry about what he done and the only reason why he did it was because he was about to became a dad with twins babies and he needed the money bad.
So at the end I forgive him and I told him that he should have just told me and we would have never gone this long without talking to one another. With the conflict that I had with my co worker I wish I use the five problem-solving stages of conflict resolution, because if I did I really believe my co worker and I would have never gone so long with speaking to one another. I would recommend everyone to use these steps to solve any conflict you might have with another person because you might not get another chance to make things right again.

I really think when a person is using use the five problem-solving stages of conflict resolution, there should be nothing but a positive outcome in any situation. I also believe that if it doesn’t want out that you probably really didn’t want to give another chance to solve the conflict. The five problem-solving stages of conflict resolution gives you every chance to make up with that other person even with the last step is to learn and accept the fact that it might not work or you can just start the steps over .

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A conflict situation
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