A drowning experience

Drowning Experience Tommy had Just learnt how to swim and was eager to demonstrate his newly acquired skills to his best friends. Immediately after school, he invited his friends, Gary and John, “Shall we go swimming at the crystal clear lake behind my flat tomorrow morning? ” His friends nodded readily. Tom’s mother had warned him about the dangers but his bursting desire to show off got the better of him and he simply cast her words to the winds. The next morning, the sun shone brilliantly across the glistening water, casting olden shadows dancing on the lake.
The boys gathered punctually at the lake bank. They quickly stripped down to their swimming trunks and Jumped into the water. They waded merrily and frolicked in the water and laughed boisterously as the water hit their faces. Tommy suddenly made a suggestion, “Shall we compete and see who reach the other end of the lake first? ” Before Tommy could finish his words, the other two boys had already taken up the challenge and started swimming right away. Just when Tommy was about to get ready, he felt an acute pain on his left thigh ut ignored it.
However, seconds later, the pain accentuated and his left leg began to feel numb and heavy. Seized by panic, Tommy started thrashing in the water to stay afloat but he felt like a fast sinking ship and swallowed many gulps of water. Presently, he waved his hands frantically and screamed hysterically, “Help me! ” Gary and John turned around and their blood froze at the hair-raising sight. Fortunately, they quickly got a grip on themselves and swam towards their distressed friend with very ounce of their strength.

With Gary and John’s concerted efforts, Tommy was finally dragged onto shore. However, Tommy’s face had already turned ghastly pale and he was rendered unconscious. Worst, his leg was bleeding profusely. Without a moment to spare, Gary raced to pick up his shorts, ransacked its pockets and found his mobile phone. He immediately dialed for an ambulance. Shortly, the wail of the sirens could be heard. The paramedics bandaged Tommy’s wound, lifted him onto a stretcher and carried im into the ambulance and it sped off.
Gary also informed Tommy’s mother. At the hospital, a doctor swiftly attended to Tommy. When Tommy’s mother arrived, the doctor explained to her that Tommy was bitten by a sea snake and he had purged its venom from Tommy’s body. Tommy’s mother thanked Gary and John for their alertness and quick-wittedness. When Tommy finally came around, he teared uncontrollably, seeking forgiveness from his mother for his defiance. It was a close shave for Tommy and he would not forget that fateful day.

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A drowning experience
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