A Leaving Certificate

A Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme plan to arrange a Visit Out to an enterprise, Kelly Printing Works in our local community. Presented by: Nollaig Kenny Objectives:

We will arrange a visit out to a local enterprise KPW in our community.

We hope to carry out a SWOT analysis of KPW.

I hope to improve my communication, organisational and mathematical skills while carrying out this investigation. Research methods:

We will write a letter to request permission from our principal to visit KPW on Tuesday 29th March 2011 at 9:10 am.
We will use the Internet to research KPW’s business.
I will ring the bus company to arrange a date and time for transport to the company.

Analysis of Research:

We were granted permission from our principal for the date and time requested.
We researched KPW’s business on the Internet and found that it is a family run business set up in 1941.

I called Declan Fahy, the owner of the local bus company and booked a bus for the agreed date and time of our visit which would cost €20. Actions and Schedules of time: 5/03/11 We will have to ensure that all jobs including questions to be asked and permission from the principal are completed by students in the class. 28/03/11 We will to reconfirm the bus, the visit with KPW and lodge the money for the bus to the office.
29/03/11 Day of the Visit: 9:00am:Take the roll call. 9:04am:Make sure all the students have questions and template of Summary Report. 9:05am:I will go out to see if the bus has arrived. 9:06am: Everyone get on the bus. 9:12am:Arrive at KPW and introduce the group. 9:14am: Listen attentively and take down notes. :45am: Ask the assigned questions. 10:05am: Thank KPW and give the Thank You card. 10:10am: Leave KPW. 10:20am: Arrive back at the school. Resources and Costs: We will incur the following costs: Bus Fare @ €2 per student €20. 00 2 Phone Calls @10c each € 0. 20 Thank You card€ 1. 50 Total €22. 70 Evaluation:
If the visit is a success and we learn about a local enterprise including products and services offered, the use of ICT in the business and health and safety procedures followed we will have achieved our first aim. . If we find out about the current strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of KPW then we will have achieved our second aim.
Working as part of a team will help me improve my communication and organisational skills. Collecting the correct amount of money for the bus fare and lodging it to the office will help me to improve my mathematical skills. I will ask my LCVP teacher to access my communication and organisational skills at the end of the visit.

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