Admission Essay Fashion Design

There is a unique satisfaction that comes with fulfilling one’s career life dreams.  Without pursuing the career of one’s choice, one can never get that unique satisfaction.  As a young child I always admired and appreciated beauty.  I watched hours on end any TV programs which documented fashion design.  I was choosy and very particular with what I would put on, what my friends put on and even the make up I applied.

My dad wanted me to study finance and although my heart was not there, I enrolled for a securities finance course which I did well.  However, it has been hard to secure a job in that profession, the market is rather flooded and therefore I have not been able to secure a decent, well paying job. For the past 5 years I have often found myself doing more of fashion designing to earn a daily living than any of the finance duties I studied in college.

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Admission Essay Fashion Design
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So far, I have managed to succeed in life by utilizing my talent and informal training gained through interacting with well known fashion designers in Korea. Consequently I have become successful as a fashion designer although I do not have any formal training in fashion design.  I have convictions that if I added formal training to my talent in fashion design I would excel in life. I believe that fashion design has more to it than just making money; it is about lifestyle of a people with a cultural meaning.
My dream is to get admission at the school of fashion design, Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York, which is one of the best fashion design schools in the world.  Given the opportunity I will study hard to acquire the necessary skills.
I plan to invest back in my country by probably starting a fashion design school in Korea which would serve as a center of excellence in fashion design once I graduate. I really want to get admission into the school of fashion design, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York so as to get the exposure on European, American, Hong Kong and Japanese fashion designs which are becoming more and more popular in Korea.
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