Adversarial Legal System

Assignment 1: Adversarial Legal System
In a minimum of 200 words, respond to the following:

In what ways is the US legal system adversarial?
What professional and personal attributes would be helpful for forensic psychology professionals in an adversarial legal system?

Support your responses with examples.
Submission Details:

By the due date assigned,  post your responses to this Discussion Area.
Through the end of the module,   respond to at least two other classmates’ posts. Participate in the  discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification,  providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of  the discussion, or indicating a relationship between one or more lines  of reasoning in the discussion.

  Grading Criteria  Maximum Points    Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions  16    Quality of responses to classmates  12    Frequency of responses to classmates  4    Reference to supporting readings and other materials  4    Language and grammar  4    Total:  40 

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