Choose a company that you believe has a solid marketing campaign strategy. Research the company on line and write a three to four (3 to 4) page paper (not including the cover page or reference page) addressing the questions in the rubric below. The rubric also is attached.
Follow APA guidelines and include proper resources.
Marketing Strategy and IMC Paper Paper requirements:Who is the target audience for this campaign? Be as specific as possible. 10What media is the company using? Show examples. (Advertising? Publicity? Social Media? Promotion?)10What is the key message in the campaign?10Explain the role of Integrated Marketing Communications in the campaign. 25In your opinion, how is the company building its brand with this campaign?25Reference articles that support your recommendations. Use Wilmington University online Library and other credible sources for cited sources; not accepted.10Paper Structure:Paper required to be between 3 and 4 pages, not including the cover page or reference page. Perfect spelling, punctuation, grammar, and APA format required (abstract not needed). 10Total Points100

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