American Dream Essay Critique Essay

Heather Kleypas American Dream According to Homeland Security, there were a total of 1,107,126 immigrants in just the year of 2008, which came to America and became local citizens. I would like to think these numbers are so high is because there are many opportunities and ways to achieve them. The most outstanding reason for these large numbers of immigrants though, is because of the infamous American Dream. The American Dream in my opinion is the balance between what we need, how much we want, and what we are willing to do for it.
All people strive for happiness and freedom, but their definition of the two is probably completely different to the person sitting next to them. Some people dream to have a bigger and better beach house, while others strive to just own a place to live and take care of their families. I truly believe that the American Dream is a myth. There are so many people in this country with so many different goals to achieve that there really cannot be just one big general American Dream.
I think that it is an unachievable goal because once we get something we have been yearning for; we automatically find something else to obsess over. It truly is a never ending vicious cycle. The American Dream has changed drastically over time. The dream from just the 1950’s has changed completely from our dream today. An American family from the fifty’s simply wanted to own a television set because it was the newest technology. Now, families want a big plasma TV for every room in their household.

From even further in time, Americans just wanted their own independence and freewill before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Some Americans ask, “Why do some people have their dreams wither and die while others see their dreams fulfilled? ” I assume that citizens lose their dreams because of our recent economic crisis. My final reason for some people “achieving” while others do not, is because some individuals find nothing is never enough. All of these aspects will eventually lead our goals to being unreachable.

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American Dream Essay Critique Essay
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