Analytical Modeling Techniques

Your study this week and last address a wide range of modeling  techniques used in the systems analysis phase. Pick one specific  structured or object-oriented technique and respond to the following:

use: The system modeling technique

Summarize what you learned regarding this technique.   
What do you think are the strong and weak points of this technique?   
How would you apply it on a project that is significant to you?  
There are no right or wrong answers here, but be sure to support your  position with something you’ve learned this week. Post your initial  response by Wednesday and then return a couple of other days and  interact with your classmates. Respond to at least one who preferred a different technique.  Discussions are an important part of your learning. Share your  thoughts, suggestions, and questions with your classmates and learn from  theirs. Interact just as you would in a traditional classroom. Support  your positions with explanations and/or sources, as appropriate, but do  not quote or paraphrase.

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