Analyze a Visual Image

Description:400-500 words, plus an MLA-formatted Works Cited page
Source:I have uploaded the file 
Your goal is to produce an analysis of a visual image (advertisement)with the tools for visual analysis.
•Remember that your description should make sense to someone who cannot see the imageitself. Summarize the image describing accurately its significant details.
•Then use the tools for visual analysis you learned in this unit to analyze the image. 
 •Connect these details to the image’s message (make a claim) to show your reader (provide evidence) how the image uses the focal evidence (analysis) to communicate a claim to its audience (implication).
Considerations for Evaluation
1.Does the analysis identify and focus on specific evidence? Is the significance of this evidence explored? Does the analysis explain what is interesting, strange or revealing about the evidence?2.Does the analysis offer a brief summary/explanation of the visual text’s main claim that could be understood by someone unfamiliar with it?
3.Does the analysis exhibit brevity and coherence through a logical flow of ideas and the use of transitions, attributive tags, and strong verbs?

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Analyze a Visual Image
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