Ancient Greece and Rome – Alive Today

We briefly studied Ancient Greece and Rome’s arts, ideas and innovations.  Additionally, we have identified ways in which these expressions continue to impact American culture in 2019.
In Paper 5 you will discuss the influences of Ancient Greek and Roman arts, ideas and innovations in our culture today.  You will select 1 example from each of these categories for both societies, introduce the original expression and explain how you observe a current application.  In this way, you will discuss 6 total examples in both their original form and their contemporary usage.
Arts- includes, but is not limited to: painting, sculpture, music, dance, architecture, music, performance (theater), poetry and literature
Ideas- includes, but is not limited to: philosophy, religion and politics/government
Innovations- includes, but is not limited to: scientific and mathematical advances, engineering/technical discoveries and changes in social practices.
Also, in your total of 6 examples, you will include at least 2 listed in the class content folders for Ancient Greece and/or Ancient Rome and 2 examples mentioned in the text.
The format of the paper is open, but here is a suggested structure:
Paragraph 1: Introduction — say what you are going to do and identify the examples you are going to examine (name them).
Paragraph 2: Example 1 — talk about your first item and its importance in its original society (Greek or Roman). Explore how you see this example applied in our contemporary culture
Paragraph 3 -7: Go through the same process with the remaining examples.
Paragraph 8: Conclusion – which of the above examples seems most significant to you?  Do you think most people realize how much these ancient societies influence contemporary values and culture?  Was this, in fact, a new realization for you?
Due 4/5 @ 11:59 PM 2-3 pages, 12 point Times New Roman font, citations.

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