Answer within 4 hours !!!

Classification is about finding three groups that add up to one whole. I’ll give a brief example below that everyone should be familiar with:
There are basically three types of community college students: pre-professional, pre-college and those seeking education as its own reward.

The paragraph would go on to define the specific attributes of each group that makes the group unique. What defines the group that is looking for a job? How is it different than those students motivated by getting into college?

The assignment for this week is to complete a classification paragraph.  Remember, this is a SINGLE paragraph with a clear topic sentence (first sentence of the paragraph) that defines three types of bridges or dresses.   I will provide the pictures that you need to expand upon and classify in your paragraph.  The pictures are of Bridges (use engineering data for support) and Celebrity Dresses (use fashion designers, or critics for support) and they are posted on the front page in a single document.  You will choose one set of images and  classify them.  Then write a paragraph expanding upon the topic and adding your own images (found on the Internet) to support your ideas about the different types of bridges or gowns.  Post your completed Classification paragraphs here.  You can post a second file with other pictures that you found that support your classification scheme.
If you don’t like the pictures of bridges or dresses, find your own.  The Golden Globes was held recently and there were several dresses that might fit a classification scheme.  Google pictures of bridges and see if you can find three classes of bridges and accompanying images.
And remember, don’t use first person in your writing. No “I” in formal writing.  As always there is a 300 word minimum.  This is due Feb. 24th.

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