Apply: Job Aid

 Create a job aid that can be used to complete a task or job. This must be a job aid you created not one you found and cited. A job aid is a step by step process that shows what and how to do a task, a checklist for a task, a flow diagram or a decision tree. Include the job aid as part of your assignment.
Write a 700-word paper that answers the following questions about the job aid you created.

How will the job aid be deployed and used? .
Determine what type of training methodology you will use. so the job aid users know how to use the tool.
Evaluate a change management process that will be used – how will changes to the job aid be made and communicated when necessary. This is to make sure the job aid is always up to date and accurate.
Summarize what employees will be able to do after they complete training and use the job aid. What are the benefits to using job aids?

Submit the written portion and the job aid as one document. Start with an opening paragraph that includes a thesis statement.

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