Argumentative Essay DUE November 18th by 10:00 PM CST

Argumentative essay Against  taxes should not be raised to make college education free.

450 to 550 Words

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Argumentative Essay DUE November 18th by 10:00 PM CST
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Persuade your reader to agree with your essay’s position.
5 Paragraphs 
Your introductory paragraph should introduce your topic without engaging in any argumentation, and its final sentence must be the thesis statement; There should be three valid points to support your topic on why you are against taxes being raised to make college education Free.

the three body paragraphs are where the argument should take place.
Paragraph 2 – 1st valid point 
Paragraph 3- 2nd valid point
Paragraph 4- 3rd valid point
 The conclusion paragraph should tie everything together.

Do Not Use Works Cited Pages; Instead, Pay Attributions to Sources as Explained Below
Do not use a works cited page, footnotes, endnotes, or anything along similar lines. Even so, to avoid plagiarism, you must pay attributions to sources by using quotation marks around words that are not your own.
1.Introduce your fact or claim by paying an attribution to the website 
2.Follow the attribution with a direct quotation or a paraphrase from the website. 
 EXAMPLE: In your essay, it would look like this: The website reports that “iPhones are faster than Androids.”

I have enclosed a template on how the paper is to be written and also a template of what contractions NOT TO BE USED in the Paper

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