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QUESTION 1 1. Explain some reasons why excessive bail should be prohibited.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 2 1. How did the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution affect the creation of law enforcement in America?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 3 1. The due process model allows possibly guilty people to evade punishment. The crime control model may allow more innocent people to be wrongly punished. In your own words, which model is better, and why? (Minimum 150 words, good essay answer format).                      Path: p Words:0  15 points    QUESTION 4 1. What concepts in the criminal justice system act to *reduce* justice?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 5 1. The American criminal justice system was designed to be a change from the old legal systems used in Europe. Describe the most significant difference and how it was changed.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 6 1. Which is more important… individual liberties, or the good of society?  Explain your choice.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 7 1. Explain why crimes against public order are called ‘victimless crimes’.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 8 1. What concepts in the criminal justice system work to allow more justice in the system?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 9 1. Ignoring slogans and media depictions, what is the fundamental, important role of police in the American criminal justice system today?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 10 1. Name all the levels of the pyramid of power, in which criminals are found.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 11 1. In the pyramid of power, the police are represented by the level labeled ‘We Shoot At You’. What does that mean in terms of dominance over a social group?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 12 1. What basic policing problem was the exclusionary rule designed to reduce?

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