Assignment 510

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Research Project: 
My topic:  LiFi is less secure than WiFi.

The objective is to locate at least seven sources (references), from periodicals, books, or journals that agree or disagree with the hypothesis.  The sources, not your personal opinion, will determine that position.  Internet sources are not acceptable;however, the Internet may be used to locate material. Sources will be less than seven (7) years old.They will be identified in a reference list arranged in alphabetical order and attached to the project paper.  Using the course text as an example, a proper reference list entry follows:
Laudon, K.C. & Laudon, J.P.  (2018). Management Information Systems Managing the Digital Firm(15thed.).  Pearson Education Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ:
The research project paper will consist of at least eight paragraphs.  A paragraph for each of the 7 sources,summarizing its content and stating its position with respect to the hypothesis, and a concluding paragraph incorporating the important points from each sourceand a restatement of the original hypothesis.  The project will conclude with a reference list. Grading will be based on source applicability and content.  Each summary and concluding paragraph will contain appropriate in-text citations.  Citations in the text of each source summary and in the summary paragraph will appear directly after the cited information.  Using the textbook as an example, the in-text citation would be (Laudon and Laudon (2018)).

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Research Presentation:  Students will take about 10 minutesto present the resultsof their research to the class. Presentations will be done in PowerPoint.  Schedulingopportunities will be posted on the blackboard. Research project papers will be submittedelectronicallynot later than the conclusion of the scheduled classroom presentation. 

Make it simple  just 7 slides for each of the 7 sources and do me notes exactly what to say make it simple please 

Due within 24 hours from now 

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