Assignment: Use of Force Analysis

Please view the provided video links.


*Provide an ethical analysis of each incident.

* Please assume the role  of internal investigations or a citizen review board member.

* Either way,  explain how the incident moves on the Use of Force Continuum and  justify whether the actions were appropriate, excessive or insufficient.

*  Also address any ethical variables like mental illness/drug  use/race/civilian safety and whether those factors are relevant to the  use of force.

*This is an opportunity for me to see that you have developed the  critical analysis skills to assess the ethical application of force. 

*Remember the three stages of assessing an ethical dilemma: intuitive  response, critical analysis, justification.

*** Please make sure to address  these steps.

* Indicate your intuitive response, critically assess the  situation as it pertains to the use of force continuum and then justify  your analysis. 

*Please address both good use of force and bad use of  force, if applicable. This is an after-action review. Be thorough and  explanatory in your analysis as if addressing someone who does not  understand use of force or the terminology involved. 
—– For example, if you  refer to “Impact Techniques”, explain what that would mean to a lay  person (book definition/explanation) and how that is meant to disrupt a  person’s ability to see, think and breathe


Remember do not forget resources 

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