Student Autobiography Worksheet

Answer the following questions about your family’s background or a family of your choice (all that you know or can find out).

· When did your/their family(ies) come to the U.S.?
· From where did your/their family(ies) come?
· Do you trace your/their family heritage to more than one country outside the U.S.? Which countries?
· What language(s) did your/their relatives speak? 
· Do you or any of your/their relatives speak a non-English language? Which language(s)?
· Were you or any of your or their family being researched have family that was adopted? How has this impacted your/their ability to know your/their family’s history?
· To which race(s) or ethnic group(s) do your/their ancestors belong? 
· How do you define your/their racial/ethnic identity?
· Are you/they a first-generation American?

· If you/they have any Native American heritage, know someone else who does, or find a celebrity that does, please answer the three questions below:

Do you/they have some Native American heritage (or Amerindian heritage from other countries in the Americas)? From which tribe(s) is this heritage? Be as specific as possible.
 Are you/they a formal member of the tribe(s)?
 Do you consider your/their identity Native American? If so, to which tribe(s) do you belong?

Combine these answers into a statement (350 to 700 words) defining your/their complex identity.

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