Balance in Life

Living in today’s fast-paced lifestyle is a very common scene among us and sometimes we took for granted that our life is no longer in balance. Our way of life is already a very stressful one for the reason that we do not know how to balance it anymore. Some of us may able to ask ourselves with “what does it feels like having a balanced life? ”, “how can we achieve that balance so we could minimize our stress? ”, and “what is life in balance means? ” Defining balance in life is a very vague perception among people.  We all have different ideas about the subject and we have different ways of measuring it. Moreover, knowing what balance in life means would also depend on the context of the conversation and the person’s viewpoint. “A figurative definition of balance refers to a big-picture notion of our lives as a whole. ” We try to define balance by comparing our normal daily activities with additional tasks, like for instance of being a mother, a wife, and going on a job. Achieving this balance in life is through adjusting our priorities and knowing what is important to us.
As a mother, a wife, and a worker/employee, we try to balance the conflicts that exist between the need for security with work and the need to satisfy our family.  We define balance in life as it relies on our desire to feel successful both at work and our personal life at the same time. Balance in life could mean having a balanced diet also. Our body needs a well-balanced diet, like a good supply of carbohydrates, especially high-fiber foods, water, vitamins and minerals, a certain amount of protein, fat, and bacteria. Thus, in preparing our meals, we can control what we are going to add on it and what we are going to cut back, like adding more fruits and vegetables to our food and cutting back those saturated fats. Balance in life also implies achieving physical balance both internal and external, thus, when we are able to achieve that physical balance, we can attain a sense of beauty. Because natures follow a balancing act, when we attain physical balance, we become more beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Generally, when we speak about balance, what comes into our mind is the management of time. Sometimes we always run out of time for ourselves, we always gave this time for other people especially for our loved ones. When we already have to do something for ourselves to make us better, we always make excuses that we are busy enough that we do not have time to do it, and we are tired of doing it. Continuing this unhealthy habit of time management would just make our task or work unproductive, even worst we could also make the people around us feel ungrateful.
Thus, if we both have balance in life and time management in harmony with each other, we can have effectiveness in everything we do. We could find a room and a time to do everything that we enjoy. Finding time for ourselves benefit us of self-confidence and pride in ourselves. Balance in life could also mean helping to conquer our limitations. Since fears set our limitations of doing something we love to do, we get frustrated in life by not achieving what we want. Once we can conquer that fear we are facing, our lives get easier and we can enjoy being ourselves. We could accept our limitations at present but we could look forward to improving it. Finally, balance in life means achieving fulfillment. We need to balance ourselves such that the various elements in our life focus on our fulfillment, to help us eventually reach a level where we can pursue our personal desires. We need to work in balancing our life or else we will lose the balance of body, mind, and soul.


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