Bank Management Assignment

For this assignment, you need to visit the Yahoo! Finance Website and evaluate two banks you chose.
To complete this activity, follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. With the bank you chose, enter its stock ticker symbol, and click on the Quote Lookup button.
3. For your bank, print out the information for the profile, 2-year chart, and analyst opinion.
4. Based on the information you found from step 3 and other resources available, what is your prediction about the stock price of your corporation on December 7, 2018? What’s the basis of your prediction? Explain your answer in one page (50-points).
5. Based on the information you collect, would you invest in this corporation? If yes, how long do you think you invest in this corporation? Short-term? Long-term? If no, why don’t you want to invest in this corporation? Your answer and rationales behind your answer must be at least one page (50 points).    
You should attach supporting documents from step 3 to your 2-page report about investment decision. You should make a decision based on a 2-year chart, company profile and analyst opinion basically.
This assignment must be typewritten.  

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