Best kept secret of the church

What is the “best kept secret” of the church? Why? According to the clip, the “best kept secret’ of the church is the Church’s Catholic Social Teachings. It is God’s special love for the poor and called God’s people to a covenant of love and justice. I think it is the best kept secret of the church because the church has helped the poor in many ways and because of authoritative statements-?whether from church or government-?have less attraction today than acts of authentic witness.
Also is it will also make social sues which will make the Catholic church receive not so good comments so they do not let other people know the secret of the church. And doing good doesn’t need to be rewarded by other people, but to be rewarded by God alone. 2. Give at least 5 issues presented by the clip. A. Poverty because many Filipinos are “kapok” and uneducated b. Concentration of Wealth Because the poor thinks they are poor, they remain poor. C. Environmental Abuse The continuity of illegal logging that makes the Earth worse. D. Inequality in land distribution
There are many informal settlers in our country because they don’t have their own land and they can’t buy because they don’t have that kind of money. E. Social inequality The government doesn’t entertain the poor people because they know that they won’t gain anything from them, and the higher people or rich people help but only a few times. 3. Chi arch responses/actions on the given issues. In our recent times, the church response to this by having an outreach program or sometimes ask for donations to offer foods for those who are in deed. B.

Concentration of Wealth Because the poor doesn’t think they can survive and have a better life if they work, they don’t work. But then the church gives seminar to help those people to carry on with their lives so they don’t have any more excuses. C. Environmental Abuse Due to the continuation of the doings of the illegal loggers, the church and its people decided to have a checkpoint and the people were there to secure their place and to reduce the risk of the earth being destroyed wherein due to his action they were able to capture illegal loggers and to take back the logs they got.
Also the priests help in planting trees, which is also a good thing. D. Inequality in land distribution The church tried to help and give the poor people voice and maybe encouraged them to appeal to the court about their current situation of the land where they are staying now. Another is that the church provided the church to be the place where the people can have their meeting. E.
Social inequality When inside the church, there are no social inequality shown wherein all the people are together and are happy with being together and they all share foods to eat and it helped them improve their social relations. 4. Do you agree or not in the church’s doings? Why? Yes agree. Because the church are doing their best to help or to provide proper action in regards to those situation and it need not to be publicized. Doing something good does not need someone to commend you but to make the other person feel good and to know that God with reward you as well is what really matters.

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