After reading and analyzing both studies, address all case study questions found within the case studies in scholarly detail prepared in a professionally formatted APA paper.
When concluding the paper, expand your analytical and critical thinking skills to develop ideas as a process or operation of steps visually represented in a flow diagram or any other type of created illustration to support your idea which can be used as a proposal to the entity or organization in the cases to correct or improve any case related issues addressed.  This is required for both cases.
When developing illustrations to support a process or operation of steps, Microsoft Word has a tool known as “Smart Art” which is ideal for the development of these types of illustrations or diagrams.  To get acquainted with this tool, everyone can visit using a keyword search “Microsoft Word Smart Art Tutorials” to find many video demonstrations in using this tool.
Minimum Paper Expectations

Page Requirements:  The overall paper supporting both cases will include a minimum of “4” pages of written content.
Research Requirements:  The overall paper will be supported with a minimum of “3” academic sources of research and one of the sources can be the textbook.
Application Technology:  Microsoft Word will be used to prepare this paper.
Professional Format: APA will be used to prepare the professional layout and documentation of research.
Important Note:  Do not fall below minimum page and research requirements.

  1. What were the main challenges encountered by CARE International before they created their warehouse prepositioning model?
2. How does the objective function relate to the organization’s need to improve relief services to affected areas?
3. Conduct online research and suggest at least three other applications or types of software that could handle the magnitude of variable and constraints CARE International used in their MIP model.
4. Elaborate on some benefits CARE International stands to gain from implementing their pre-positio ning model on a large scale in future. 
 5. Describe the problem that a large company such as HP might face in offering many product lines and options.
6. Why is there a possible conflict between marketing and operations?
7. Summarize your understanding of the models and the algorithms. 
8. Perform an online search to find more details of the algorithms.
9. Why would there be a need for such a system in an organization?
10. What benefits did HP derive from implementation of the models?  

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