Bible Mysteries

The Disciples is an episode part of the Bible Mysteries is very interesting and informative video clips that I have been watched. It showed how Jesus influenced others through his thoughts and being a good leader to his followers. Through his good quality, the people of the Galilee believed to his teaching and valuable effort and faith that attracted by the disciples to Jesus Another value that attract them to Jesus is that He can heal anything but for Jesus we don’t need to be sick because god can heal us, if we have faith for him which are the key to receive the healing from god.
The disciples also attract to Jesus by helping others without anything to receive in return, he already contented to see happy image of a person. Through this video presentation, it really affects me because it reveals the fulfillment that has in Jesus, providing grace to his followers that if you believed with him through our faith we can reach the glory of god. Through the movie, the disciples are like me who am very devotee of god.
I believe the presence of god will always be in my heart if we believe with him and have a strong faith to consider his grace. God commanded us if we choose to follow him like he did to the disciples. Jesus is just like our teacher. He serves himself and teaches us to do good action and blessing will come if we put his teachings into practice. For me, God is the greatest servant in our universe. He always there to sustain everything we depend on for our lives.

In this video, I would like to be god who’s giving all his self to help others without anything to receive in return maybe in a simple way of helping, I would be able to live closer to him through my mission to help others especially those person who in needs such young kids who doesn’t have the ability to go in school, through volunteering, I will ease the burden in their heart and in a simple way of helping it can help a big chance to the kids to learn new things like what Jesus did in his mission. God is spiritual hero who always there for us, we must have to believe and have faith with him.

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