Chlorine gas was used during the war a lot. Chlorine gas was first used April 22 191 5 at leper in Belgium. There were many ways of use of the gas for example; artillery shells, mortar projectiles, aerial bombs tank sprays and landmines were used to spread the chemicals around. During the Cold War the United Stated and Russia had enough chemical weapons to wipeout most animal and plant life on earth.
Blologlcal weapons were deployed In various ways to gain strategic or tactical advantage over an advisory. The united States developed an anti-crop capability that used bio-herbicides or myco-herbicides to destroy enemy agriculture. Fisheries and water-based vegetation was also targeted. Wheat blast and rice blast were weaoponized in aerial tanks and cluster bombs to deliver to enemy water sheds. Even though herbicides are chemicals they are grouped with biological warfare and chemical warfare because they work the same as blotoxlns and ioregulators.
Japan poisoned Chinese water wells to study how many people got Typhus and other diseases. Germany also used bioweapons at the beginning of the Second World War. Oplnlon/Crltlque: In my opinion bioweapons were both good and bad but I think that they were mostly bad. The bad toxins that are Inside somebody can get Into their genes and be passed on to their child If they have any. If there Is a child and one of the parents have toxins in them the child can come out looking deformed and mutated.

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