Blah, Blah, Blah

Writers block has always been an issue for not only authors but also for average Joes like me. It can be difficult to do any kind of writing when you are chained by your own mind. This is an immense issue because authors cannot develop ideas to put them into action on the page. Although there are many ways that writers do away with writers block, the best solution for is to take a pen to paper and just start letting ideas flow randomly onto the page so that your mind can break free. This solution is called free writing.
Free writing is not only good for unblocking your mind, but also to keep your thoughts on the page so that you can keep your soul at peace. The idea behind free writing is that you must keep your pen to paper the whole duration of the writing session. Usually free write sessions are short, to get thoughts flowing before working on traditional piece. If you are not able to come up with a next word just write “blah, blah, blah” until something clicks. This makes it so that the writer must not pause to think of his next word, which keeps this form of writing completely free from thought interruption making it all from your heart.
Traditional writing is when you have structure behind the piece of work and it must comply with standard grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This can impede with natural creativity by making a maze that you must find your way through in order to complete your piece of work. So many authors have trouble expressingtheir ideas and thoughts on a page when society tells them that they have to oblige by these rules. An example of the loops a writer has to jump through in order to complete their work is the assignment sheet of guidelines for this paper. This document goes over the “correct” way to write a problem-reducing essay.

The grade you receive on this essay is determined by how well you can follow these guidelines. This is impeding on natural creative juices and contains them into a cage like a wild animal at the zoo. You have to stretch these limitations as much as possible in order to show this animal a glimpse of sunlight. There are many ways in which writers try to free themselves of the “curse” of writers block. One way is to look for inspiration in others works and to take that into your own work. This method can be very helpful; however, it can also take away from true creativity and development of your own ideas.
Another way to do away with writers block is to take a break from your work and come back at a later time when your mind is refreshed and collected. Taking a break can be very affective, but can also aid in losing thought processes. With free writing you can continue with your work and keep thoughts stirring in your mind at the same time. After the free writing session is completed you can go back and alter it into a more traditional style work. An example of a free write that I have composed is below: Thinking. Why do we live this way? Why are the peoples of the earth filled with hate? Hate for others, hate for creation.
Why do we feel the need to judge? Why do we ignore the dying world? Ignore the damage we have caused. Just living out our day-to-day lives. Driving our trucks, wasting energy, destroying the earth. The oceans will seize to exist as they are. Children die every day from starvation. Human trafficking is on the rise. Billions of people live in poverty. So what can be done to fix this? How can we start toward a better world? Where is the love? The truly great thing with free writing is that you can write in any style you choose, finding the best way to get thoughts stirring and on the page.
As you can see in the work above, I have chosen poetry to get my thoughts on the page and this is the best way for me to express myself. Any one person can have a different way of expression in writing. The limitations brought by society can challenge this expression, but by free writing you can open up and do away with writers block. Now some might believe free writing as a poor method of reducing writers block because it entails that you must write non-stop for a set period of time. This could be seen as a waist of valuable time. Some writers, such as newspaper reporters have a tight schedule of which to complete a work. Although could be true, a writer must explore all possibilities of breaking down mental walls.
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