Boxing should be outlawed

We know that every individual is really inclined in sports. Some people are into sports because they want to see themselves being physically fit and it is a form of their hobby, too. But how about if the sport an individual engages involves intense physical contact that can cause him injury or disability instead of being physically fit? This kind of sport may pertain to boxing because it instigates a lot of physical pain and injury after the fight. Boxing is one of the phenomenal sports nowadays.

Most individuals, young and old, really like to watch boxing especially if one of the opponents are their favorite boxer. Several individuals world widely are even encouraged to join boxing because it motivates them to become physically fit. Boxing also gives them an opportunity to experience quality life through the big prizes they receive from the fight and it maybe the chance that they will be recognized world widely; thus, for those individuals who like boxing very much consider it as an art and a sport where you try to predict the next move of your opponent.

Moreover, boxing is sometimes called as “the manly art of self-defense” and it is a kind of sport in which the two opponents try to punch each other with the use of gloves at the same time try to avoid the opponents’ punches. But in spite of its popularity and advantages, many claimed that boxing is not a sport but a “barbaric” act because it inflicts too much physical pain and it is compared into cockfighting or dueling. Boxing is almost the same with dueling because the participants make an agreement to commit acts upon themselves that can also be considered crimes in different venues.
Several advocates believed and debated that boxing must be banned. What are the grounds then of these advocates that they want boxing to be banned or outlawed? For sure, these advocates have reasonable and valid reasons why they want boxing to be outlawed. One article written by Oscar Avelar Bernstein refuted that boxing is not a sport. He said that boxing is come from the Roman Empire which society is full of violence and where gladiator fights are practiced.
And there is no doubt why boxing involves barbaric and violent acts because it speaks of where it comes from. To witness a weaker opponent who is being crushed by a stronger opponent and will definitely lead to a bloody fight may be a good ground to banned boxing (see Oscar Avelar Bernstein. “Boxing is Not a Sport! ”). Boxing motivates the audiences, especially the young audiences, to become violent. What the children observed during the fight surely registers on their minds and have the tendency to imitate those punches and become violent.
Boxing should be outlawed because it can cause severe injuries, disability or sometimes death if the weaker opponent cannot longer bear the pain caused by the blows that are released by the stronger opponent. Though boxing instigates discipline and a lot of advantages yet it cannot compensate the pain and physical damages which your body receives from the fight. Reference 1. Oscar Avelar Bernstein. “Boxing is Not a Sport! ” http://class. csueastbay. edu/english/real/REAL96/Solos/boxing. html

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