Building Acts and Contracts

When there are any building works that started, the person that responsible for the construction work shall put a board with names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the contractors and also person in charge.
Construction work only can start when there is a protective hoarding to separate buildings and the public by approval and requirements of local authorities.

According to by-law 19, the person who in charge shall obtain a temporary permit when protective hoarding is required. The protective hoarding is required to construct as shown in the approved protective hoarding plan. The constructed protective hoarding shall also be maintained in good condition during construction work to the satisfaction of the local authority.

Clause 49
There is some responsibility for the person who granted for a temporary permit:

a) Always keep the roadside drain unobstructed and clear to the satisfaction of the local authority.
b) Reinstatement on completion and adjustments to existing cables, pipes, and other services on construction sites according to requirements of relevant authorities.
c) The end of the hoardings shall be painted in white color with a mark by red warning lights for safety during night time.
d) Any accident and damages due to hoardings and railing to the property or persons.
e) Always make sure that hydrant points or any other existing utility service installation must be unobstructed by hoardings or other materials.
f) Always allow easy access over the roadside drain, to and from the adjoining verandah-ways by applying suitable openings with handrails at the end of the hoarding.
g) Responsible to maintain the hoarding to the satisfaction of the local authority.
h) Always try not to damage and take good care of any existing services main to avoid overloading the ground or by any temporary construction.
i) Upon the completion of works, it is a must to remove the hoarding together with all materials and debris on site.
j) Always leave the site and drains clean and tidy and recover any damages to roads, drains, footways, and also verandah-ways.

Clause 50
Local authority always has the right to determine the temporary permit due to breach of any above-mentioned conditions or any other reasonable reason. Upon notification on the determination of temporary permit, within one week’s time, the applicant shall remove all the hoardings, railings, and other materials connected to a public road.
Clause 51
There are some specified hours or peak hours that construction vehicular are restricted to access if necessary for avoiding obstruction of traffic nearby.
Clause 52
According to by-law 232, rising mains shall be installed when the building designed to exceed 18.3 meters in height to the topmost full floor. For the ease of fire fighting and precaution with providing fire fighting facilities during various stages of construction. References Uniform Building By-Laws.

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