Business Proposal Scenarios

The Vice President of a local chapter of Dress for Success reached out to you, the owner of Elegance in Business Etiquette, indicating the need to bring in a guest speaker for a 3-day seminar on proper dress, dining protocols, and communication essentials. The Dress for Success chapter decided to explore the possibility of finding a professional to conduct these seminars.  You received a request for business proposal (RFP) for your services and are now submitting to the chapter a business proposal for the work. Some minimal details: The organization has over 100 enrolled members.  All members are required to attend at least one 3-day professional development seminar every 2 years.

A mix of contract preparation (with creative writing) and persuasive writing for a given RFP scenario-4 pages not including a cover page

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Business Proposal Scenarios
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Statement of Work-why were you requested?
Summary- 3-4 sentences of what your client is about to read; total content synopsis
History of your company/mission statement
Scope of the project- bulleted and thorough points of what your company will be doing
Project Timeline and Schedule of Work (list of deliverables with completion times)
Conclusion- what the client should expect to see/feel upon completion of the work
Closing statement of deadline to sign the proposal

Includes all required sections for SOW proposals with full graphics and explanations of work.  Finishes with a statement of contract signing and date dueProvides thorough information in strategic areas of the proposal which demonstrates that the student used extensive research to guide their response.Demonstrates clear understanding in the use of persuasive requests as discussed in the business correspondence portion of the course.Edits for typos, sentence structure and grammar

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