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Allyssa Snyder Career services 9 am class 1-9-13 Employability skills in an office My paper is going to be focused on the topic how will you use employability skills and in your career. Employability skills are very important in my career because you are around people all the time. If you didn’t have communication in a dental office you wouldn’t get anything done if you didn’t have teamwork in an office you would have to pay more people to do it individually if you don’t solve problems the there will always be problems in the office.
Initiative in an office is important so that people can get tasks done faster and shows responsibility and politics. Planning and organization is also needed in an office so that you can schedule appointments and organize where the supplies and office equipment goes in the office. Self-management is how you keep yourself on time, responsible, and in self-control essay writer premium 3d. Learning in an office is important because you learn new things and new techniques and you are never too old to learn new things.
Technology is very important and office because you have you are growing every year and you need to keep up with the new technology and office. Communication in an office is important, between the boss and their employees, between the employees and the patient’s. The communication between the boss and their employees is important so that they know what to do in the office and how you want things were on. The communication between the employee and the patient is important so they know what’s wrong what they need. It is also important during scheduling.

When you are working in an office you should also be a people person, you don’t want to have a negative attitude around patients. If you have a bad attitude when you are around patients they won’t want back to your office. That is why I think communication is important in an office. Teamwork in an office is common between the dental assistant and the dentist. If there wasn’t teamwork in the office there would be no dental assistants and the dentist would be working alone. It would take longer for the patient to be seen and also the octor would be tired by the end of the day. The dental assistant and dentist work together to examine the patient, do procedures on the patient. The dental assistant handles the paper work and scheduling for the doctor. Problem solving is an important skill to have, when you’re in an office and something happens you have to know how to handle is calmly, quietly and quickly. You don’t want the office to find out what happened and they worry what’s going on. When there is a problem with the insurance company that is when communication skills come in. ou have to know how to talk to them to resolve the problem. If there is a problem with the doctor then you have to remain calm when you talk to him and you have to know how to ask questions and listen to what they say. That’s why problem solving is important in a dental office. Organization and planning is useful in an office. When you are organized you know where things are in the office. You wouldn’t have a problem knowing where charts are, supplies and equipment is. Planning is useful in a office so that you know what the schedule is for the day and what the doctor is doing.
Without those two skills the office would be very chaotic. You would not know where anything was or when appointments are. That’s why organization and planning is useful in an office. Self-management is when you are responsible for yourself and you go to work on time, do what your suppose to and take on new commitment. If you don’t make it to work on time or do not show up then the office would be short handed and you would of left then in a tight spot with less employees to see the patients for the day.
If you don’t do what your suppose to then that means someone else has to do it, and that is not fair. That’s what you need to have good self- management skills or you would will not make it far in life. There are new techniques and technology that you have to learn. The technology is important so that you can know how to schedule appointment, know how to do the charting and most important emails and phone calls so that you can keep in touch with the employees and the patients.
All these skills are important so that you can have a successful career in anything you do. All my examples are in the dental field because that’s the field I am going into. The three most important to my success is communication, so you can ask questions. Team work, not all the stress is not me if we work as a team. The last skill that is important to me is learning, so I know what the office is doing, what technology and also what techniques the doctor uses.

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