Case study

The Applied Doctoral Research Project (ADRP) is the capstone project for the Doctoral Business Administration program. As a capstone project. The ADRP is a Single Case Study design focusing on a single organization.
The ADRP is made up of three sections: The Foundation of the Study, The Project, and the Application to Professional Practice.  This paper intern to developed the foundation of the study, below is the requirements for the Section I (The Foundation of the Study)
Attached is an approved research concept paper for the topic as a guide

Applied Doctoral Research Project Section I
Task 1: Bullet Point Outline 
 Your submission will include the following: 
• The Problem 
• Cognate (Finance)
• Research Questions 
• Nature of the Study  
• Research Framework 
• References – For all factual assertions 
Task 2: The Problem 
• Background of the Problem 
• Problem Statement 
• Purpose Statement 
• Research Questions 
Task 3: The Nature of the Study 
• Research Paradigms
• Fixed, Flexible, and Mixed Method Designs 
• Appropriateness of Flexible Designs 
• Methods for Triangulation 
• Appropriateness of Single Case Study (For Case Study Project Only) 
Task 4: The Research Framework 
• Concepts
• Theories
 • Actors 
• Variables 
• Relationships and Diagram
 • Summary 
Task 5: Review of the Professional and Academic Literature Outline 
 Your submission will include the following top-level outline along with a bullet list of the content of    each section. Include appropriate citations and a reference section: 
• Concepts  
• Theories 
• Variables to Include Critical Analysis 
• Related Studies 
• Anticipated and Discovered Themes (For Case Study Project Only)
• Summary 
Task 6: Supporting Material 
• Definition of Terms 
• Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations 
o Assumptions 
o Limitations 
o Delimitations 
• Significance of the Study 
o Reduction of Gaps in the Literature (For Case Study Project Only) 
o Implications for Biblical Integration 
o Relationship to Cognate (Finance)
o Summary 
Task 7: Section 1, (Foundation of the Study)
Your submission will include the following: 
• Title Page • Table of Contents • List of Tables • List of Figures • Introduction to the Study • Introduction to Section 1 • Background of the Problem • Problem Statement • Purpose Statement • Research Questions • Nature of the Study • Research Framework • Definition of Terms • Assumptions, Limitations, Delimitations • Significance of the Study • Review of the Professional and Academic  • Summary of Section 1 and Transition • Appendices • References

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