Case Study 2

International marketing 

Read the instructions carefully. Select one of the following cases. Answer all the questions and You must use the template provided here. 
Case Study Instruction and Evaluation
 In answering the assigned questions, please always note the following:

Answer only the assigned question(s)
A well-developed answer is required
Thoughtful and thorough answers are expected
Avoid rehashing case facts
Make reasonable assumptions
Don’t confuse symptoms with problems
Make effective use of financial and other quantitative developed in the case
Make good use of evidence developed in the case

Case Study Grading
You will be graded on the following criteria:

Case Studies should have 500-words MINIMUM.  The best work exceeds the minimum word count above.
Include cover page, abstract, and reference pages — these do not count towards your total word count.
Use TWO authored outside references with all submissions (an outside reference is something in addition to our class textbook).  You must quote from this reference!.
Utilize APA formatting at the end of your submission FOR all assignments…if you do not, you will lose points.
Case studies must be submitted in a Microsoft Word document. 

Writing Style Expectations
The following are writing style expectations:

Use subject headers for all papers – your reader appreciates and expects that level or organization to your work!
No contractions & No abbreviations – if you are referring to the United States of America, write it out…do not write ‘US’ – this is not stellar academic writing.
Use Times New Roman 12-point font, 1″ margins, double-spacing  with 0 point spacing.
Only one citation credit allowed per sentence in this course.
Indent the first line of each new paragraph five spaces.
No extra blank lines inserted between sections – deliver a tight paper.
No bullet points, alphanumeric lists, or numbered list – write formally in full sentences / paragraphs.
Numbers one through nine within your paper should be written out
Cover page and reference page required for ALL paper submissions
Never use all capital letters
Use authored references for your research to earn full points.  An authored source is simply one that is associated with a human(s) NAME.   For example, your textbook is an authored source.  The United States Census Bureau is not an authored source.  But it is fine to use as long as you ALSO use an authored reference source.
Always include the full URL as to where you found your research online articles – never just the home page.
Avoid wikis, blogs, tweets, videos, dictionaries, and encyclopedias as outside references – use Masters-level sources like the Journal of Marketing or the Journal of International Business – No wikis, prezis, slideshares, dictionaries, encyclopedias, videos, interviews, & podcasts allowed as references – only scholarly written sources from well-respected sources.

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