Case Study: Nortel Networks Corporatio

Please read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Case Study: Nortel Networks Corporation—
Every firm that has had ethical lapses had them centered on several areas of stress: Tone at the top that conveyed a message that earnings targets had to be met through whatever practices were necessary, and that it was not acceptable to question the practices; weak or ineffective internal controls; and, a complex corporate structure which contributed to a lack of clear responsibility and accountability. Using either consequentialism or deontology, review the background, accounting management at Nortel and prepare the following?

What effect, if any, did upper management messages have on the decision to have ethical lapses?
What might have been the ethical justification creating fraudulent accounting entries in view of internal controls?
What might the board of directors have done to foster and create an ethical environment?
What might be the benefits and costs sought by top management? What might be the results and consequences of fraudulent accounting statements, breaking the law, and lack of integrity by top management?NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN IN APA FORMAT, 3-4 PAGES WITH 3 REFERENCES

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