Catcher In The Rye essay

“Catcher in the Rye” is a sophisticated yet simple character. He can be represented in many ways. The photo of James Dean represents Holder accurately. The photo shows Holder’s external as well as internal characteristics. It represents Holder because: the photo portrays his tough guy attitude, suggests his outward toughness as well as his positive aspects, and the photo shows Holder’s internal sensitivity. Holder Coalfield Is precisely represented by the photo of James Dean.
Holder’s typical attitude Is cynical, sarcastic and tough. The photo’s most prominent attitude is tough and mean, Just Like Holder. This represents Holder not Just because they both have the same attitude, but because that Is what defines Holder. An example of this Is when Holder fought Seedeater. Seedeater says, “If I letch up, will you keep your mouth shut? ‘ and Holder replies with, “Yes” then says, “You’re a dirty stupid consultants of a moron. ” (Slinger 44). Holder displays his toughness when even at a disadvantage and pinned down he still jabbers on.
The photo of James Dean represents both Holder’s outward toughness and some f his positive aspects. Although it mainly represents his negative, sadistic outward toughness, the photo shows some of his positive aspects. Dean’s jacket represents Holder’s inflated ego and his hunter hat. The hunting hat is correlated to the jacket because the leather jacket makes Dean feel cool. Holder believes he is a big shot while wearing the hat but also admits it is a bit corny. Holder says, “The way I wore it, I swung the old peak way around to the back?very corny, I’ll admit, but I liked it that way.

I looked good in it that way” (Slinger 18). This shows Holder’s outward toughness because even though the hat looks silly, he wears it anyway giving the impression that he doesn’t care about what people thing, like a tough guy would. A positive aspect about Holder is that since he cares about his appearance, he cares about what people think, and since he cares about what people think he must care about people. In the end, Holder is not a cold-hearted person after all. Lastly, the photo suggests Holder’s internal sensitivity.
Internal Holder is far deferent from external Holder; internal Holder is sensitive and external Holder is tough. James Dean’s face represents Holder’s weak side. Internal Holder Is scared, sad and mad. He is scared because he Is afraid of losing people he Is fond of and of growing up. Holder is sad because Holder misses his brother, Allele and by the end of the book, he misses all his friends at school. Holder says, “Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody. ” (Stallings 214). This shows that
Holder doesn’t bother getting to know people because he knows one day they will be gone. Holder’s built up anger Is from being kicked out school yet again. He directs this anger out on people around. In conclusion, the photo of James Dean very accurately represents Holder Coalfield. The photo shows Holder’s defining characteristics. It displays Holder’s tough attitude, suggests both his outward toughness and his positive aspects, and the photo shows Holder’s sensitivity and internal characteristics. The representation

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