Chameleon Research Paper

Chameleon By: Taylor Ladd Classification: Phylum- Chordata, Class- Reptilia, Order- Squamata, Family- Chamaeleonidae, Genus- Chamaeleo, Species- Chameleon. Physical Description: The Chameleon is a colorful reptile with a tail and tongue the size of its body. Their body is covered in scales that can change color to blend in with its surroundings so it makes it an amazing creature. It has eyes that can rotate around so they can see behind them. Evolutionary Adaptations- The most amazing adaption that the Chameleon has is that they can change their color pigments to blend in with their surroundings to keep hidden from predators and prey.
Chameleon’s have super long tongues so that they can extend them and slurp up their prey. They also have eyes that rotate around so they can see 360 degrees around them at all times to help them keep track of predators and prey. Life History: Life Span- 5 to 9 years varies by the species. Range/distribution- Half the world’s population of Chameleon’s is in Madagascar an island off the east coast of Africa. There are also Chameleon’s found in Africa, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Southern Spain, and India.
Reproduction- Chameleon’s have internal fertilization, some species have live births others also lay eggs. Diet- Most Chameleon’s eat small insects. Some have been reported to have eaten wild berries and vegetable matter. Larger Chameleon’s will eat small birds, reptiles, and mammals. Habitat- Chameleon’s are mostly found in rainforest. They like to perch in trees and wait for prey to walk by. Defense Mechanisms- The Chameleon has one of the most rare defense mechanisms of all creatures, they can change color pigments to blend in with their surrounding so that they can slip by predators in stealth.

They have eyes that can rotate around 360 degrees and see two things at once. Interesting Facts- When a male Chameleon find a female he wants to mate with he puts on a color show of all his best colors and if the female is turned on she will run and they will play chase then mate. If the female is not turned on by the color show she will stand her ground and sometimes even fight the male. One rare this about this reptile is that some of its species have live birth and others have eggs which is pretty amazing. Chameleon By: Taylor Ladd

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