Code of Ethic

Based on all of the material that you have studied for this course to this point, write an essay outlining your personal philosophy of ethics. You should answer the following overarching question: What principles, ideals, and resources will you use to maintain ethical integrity in your professional practice as a marriage and family therapist? In your essay, be sure to address the following issues:1. Is it enough to know and follow the AAMFT/CAMFT Code of Ethics? Why or why not?2. What principles guide your ethical decision making process? Give an example of a specific issue and how you would address it.3. As a therapist, what responsibilities do you have to your clients and how should you fulfill them?4. What are unique ethical considerations for marriage and family therapists?5. What rights do clients have and how should you ensure that they are respected?It is suggested that you use the questions above as headers in organizing your essay. Use the highlighted words as headers (see this website for information about headers).

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Code of Ethic
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