Computer Engineering Test

I will send out some pictures during the computer engineering test. And the test coverage is:
Number Systems and Foundations of digital logic (~20 points)
 2’s complement representation
 How to perform binary addition, subtraction  Boolean algebra, simplification  Truth tables  Deriving a function from a logic circuit, and truth table  K-maps  CMOS – basic conceptual questions
 Multiplexers, Decoders, Encoders (~10 points)
 MUX – selects output from many different inputs
 Remember how to “break up the truth table”???
 Decoders: implements number system conversion
 Sequential Circuit Analysis (~20 points)
 Circuit -> eqn -> table -> state diagram  State Machine components, latches, flip-flops, timing diagrams, (from state machine diagram to circuit)
 Sequential Circuit Design (~20 points)
 *State machine design procedure problem statement->state diagram->table->state assignment->kmaps->eqn-> circuit  State machine minimization
 Timing (~20 points)
 Definitions, understanding of setup time, hold time, skew, jitter  Determining max clock frequency and check for hold time violations
Determining same factors under clock skew
 Memory (~10 points)
Understanding design tradeoffs between memory types  Understanding how SRAM, DRAM, sense amplifiers work  Some short answer or multiple choice questions

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