Crime and Punishment Thought Piece

“Power is given only to him who dares to stoop and take it … one must have the courage to dare. ” According to the quote, does it mean that whoever wants the power and steps up and do something to get the power that they want, will get it? It seems like the quote is saying that courage is needed in order to get the power. In other words, power is the authority or strength that one can have. So my next question is, can EVERYONE have the power that they want if they just have the courage to be bold?
I don’t think the answer is yes. If the world is made that way, it will be way more chaotic than it is right now. That way, the beggars will be able to have the power of authority that they wish to have just by stepping up and be courageous to “rebel”. “What do you think, would not one tiny crime be wiped out by thousands of good deeds? ” This quote is so true. Even though you have been good the whole time, your one bad crime will wash away all the good deeds that you were doing the whole time, even if that was over 10 years.
In Korean phrases, there is a phrase saying that “the tower that you were investing in falls…” It is the phrase that people use when something that they were investing in or trying to do just falls and becomes nothing. I think part of the reason that people only remember one bad crime instead of thousands of good deeds is because people are potential to remember what’s different from others. Just like the college application, if you are different then you will be remembered longer than being all identical.

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