Criminal Justice FA

Using the internet and/or other sources conduct research and write a paper on information regarding the origin or creation and application of the concept of Federalism in U.S. laws. Also, conduct research and discuss the conflict that exists with federal law prohibiting the use of Marijuana (medical or recreational use) and some state laws allowing its use.  Deliverables:  1. Go to the internet or other sources and find information.  2. In M.S. word document, write a 6 page research paper (must be at least 6 pages excluding the cover page and bibliography page),. The assignment is on the origin, creation and application of the concept of Federalism relative to U.S. system of government.  3. Include in your a discussion and analysis on the apparent conflict of Federal law prohibiting Marijuana with some state laws that sanction or allow the use of Marijuana.of some of the early laws and codes.   4. Please use proper headings and subheadings the help create a easy flow of the discussion and easy reading of your paper. Also, please provide citations inside of your paper and provide references and/or works cited at the end of your paper in APA format.

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