Critical Thinking

View the first seven minutes of this TV Episode, Blue Bloods.,p1,d0Then, in your first post, answer the following questions:1) Identify two unstated value assumptions in the first 7 minutes of this Episode. Be specific and clear, e.g. ‘the passengers in the subway car are innocent’ (providing this as an example does not imply that it is ‘true’–we are going to practice deductive reasoning, which may involve assuming something is true to see what follows). 2) Identify two reality assumptions one might use in addressing the following issue: ‘who killed the victim on the park bench?’.3) Then, form a hypothesis (conclusion/claim) about who killed the victim on the bench and identify at least two reality assumptions that support your hypothesis. This will involve constructing an argument. Your hypothesis will be the conclusion. The reality assumptions will be the evidence. And, value assumptions may be relevant here, too.Think about whether or not you used ‘deductive reasoning’ in reaching your conclusion, that is, deducing your conclusion from assumptions about the facts, or used ‘inductive reasoning’, that is, built a case for a hypothesis using evidence–aiming to support the claim that something is ‘probably true’. You may have used both techniques. Can you distinguish the difference?

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