CRT 205 Week 2 Vagueness Quiz

This pack of CRT 205 Week 2 Vagueness Quiz shows the solutions to the following problems:1. Look for the vagueness in these examples. Are they vague themselves, do they offer vague comparisons, or is there no vagueness?2. Please don’t make any more unpleasant phone calls.3. Whiskey is no worse a drink for you than beer.4. Overheard after a piano recital: “Well, you did it again!”5. Korn just can’t do what the Rolling Stones did.6. This warranty becomes void if the owner uses the hammer improperly.7. It’s not the heat that gets you, it’s the humidity.8. When persons voluntarily hold a property for others, they may avoid a charge of negligence by taking reasonable care of the property.9. “The average grade in the class is total of all the grade points divided by the number of people in the class.”10. “The average grade in the class is the halfway grade, which half the class exceeded and half the class fell short of.”11. “The average grade in the class is the most common grade given.”

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